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Napa Valley Unified School District

Stone Bridge School (SBS) is a public, independent charter school authorized by the Napa Valley Unified School District (NVUSD).

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Under this arrangement, SBS maintains autonomous control over many of its internal policies and practices (e.g., hiring, budget, curricular decisions), while maintaining a close working relationship with NVUSD in regards to our campus facilities, special education services, and other oversight functions.

Many of our families have connections with other public schools within NVUSD, as employees or having children enrolled in these schools.  SBS strives to align its calendar to the degree possible with that of NVUSD.  There are differences, though, that SBS families should be aware of, so we encourage our families to examine the SBS calendar closely when making vacation or travel plans.

Below please find the links to Napa Valley Unified School District, as well as their academic year calendar.