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Student Support
(SSTs, 504s and IEPs)

Stone Bridge offers academic accommodations and program modifications to support students with a myriad of learning styles and needs.  These supports are provided in two main ways:  through general educational support programs or as specialized service plans.

Through our general educational support program, we use a collaborative approach to provide advocacy and assistance for students with learning differences and/or unique needs (e.g., behavioral, social, emotional), with the goal of strengthening their foundational skills and enabling students to feel seen, heard and supported.  Our Student Support Teams (SSTs) consist of Educational Support Specialist(s) working closely with the student’s teachers and their parents (and often the students themselves) with the goal of allowing student to develop at their own pace and grow into their authentic strengths.  Through individualized and small group instruction, the Student Support Team provides academic interventions and accommodations using a wide variety of multi-sensory and age-appropriate activities. In addition to our general educational support, SBS ensures that any students for whom an impairment has resulted in a Section 504 Plan has equitable access to the curriculum and is fully supported in accordance with federal law.

SBS also collaborates with NVUSD (Napa Valley Unified School District) and Academic Resource Specialists to create specialized service plans.  Through a thorough assessment process, students may have need(s) or “disabilities” identified that qualify them for an Individualized Education Plan (IEP).  This IEP or specialized service plan ensures that the student receives specialized instruction and services tailored to address their needs.  SBS utilizes the services of NVUSD Academic Resource Specialists, school psychologists, speech and language pathologists, and occupational therapists as needed to support a student’s IEP.

English Language Learners

SBS provides all English Language Learners (ELL) with an effective English language acquisition program that includes both designated and integrated English Language Development (ELD), as well as meaningful and equitable access to our core academic curriculum.