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Stone Bridge School: Our History and Vision

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Our History

Stone Bridge School (SBS), originally called Napa Valley Charter School (NVCS), was founded by a group of parents and teachers who were committed to providing a Waldorf-inspired education to the children of the Napa Valley. Their intent was to offer this unique educational curriculum within the context and spirit of a public school, which would allow it to reach as many children as possible.

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Our Vision

Through Our School
We May Grow
As Children, Parents, and Teachers
In a True Community

Stone Bridge School (SBS) is a community of families, teachers, and staff members using curriculum inspired by Waldorf education to nourish and educate children.  We recognize and benefit from the character, vitality, history, and diversity of the Napa Valley, and in turn, offer an alternative educational choice.  We have developed a powerful vision:  a public school with a consistent philosophy, curriculum, and teaching method that embraces the developmental model of the growing child and awakens each child’s full and unique potential.  The Waldorf curriculum nurtures a sense of wonder and delight and fosters the reverence for nature and humanity inherent in the young child.  The curriculum develops the child’s active will, creative imagination, and clear, independent thinking. Children emerge as young adults with the self-confidence to impart direction and purpose to their lives and leadership to their community.

The intent of the SBS instructional method and educational philosophy is to educate the whole child (head, heart and hands), integrating each child’s creative, intellectual, emotional, physical, and social potential. This approach creates in each child an ability to respond to curricular material with enthusiasm and a desire to persevere as they complete challenging academic tasks through a multicultural and integrated curriculum, active learning, and artistic expression.

From the students’ first days at our school, SBS focuses on building capacities for imagination and creativity, setting a firm foundation as rigor and depth increases each year.